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Narrow Fabrics Solutions

Narrow Width Woven Fabric Line

MAGEBA International GmbH

Narrow Width Woven  Fabric Line

MAGEBA is a world-leading system provider for the production of narrow fabrics, develops innovative, high-specification products and new technologies.


Our warping machines are internationally known due to their simple handling, superior quality and durability.

With the single and multi-station shuttle looms flat fabrics with two woven edges and seamless tubular fabrics can be produced.

Needle Looms for the production of light to heavy weight elastic and rigid tapes. Tapes can be manufactured for technical or fashion applications. Major benefits of this loom: simple and well-proven design, economically and stable production.

Our Single-End and Multi-End ranges are especially designed to provide best color fastness and high production out-put at the same time.

MAGEBA has developed and researched the rope and silicone coating procedure thoroughly to establish an innovative and efficient machine range in this specialized field.


  • Experienced engineers
  • Ongoing inhouse development
  • From the idea to the production
  • Cooperation with universities and research institutions
  • Workshops and training courses


A world-leading system provider for the production of narrow fabrics, develops innovative, customized products and new innovations in technology. Customer relationship from our point of view:

Complete program of support and consulting

Starting with the idea of a project

Covering project management

After-sales service regarding spare parts or support via telephone or webcast

On-going production optimization, training workshops and machine check-up service is offered

A competence centre for weaving and finishing of narrow fabrics as an optimal basis for training, service and customer orientated products.

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