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Open End Spinning

Open End Spinning
  • Joint Spg function : In this function, 80 to 90 % of  ends get automatically pieced up during  starting of machine after power failure / machine shutdown  thereby increasing efficiency & the production.
  • Individual Feeding System : On every spindle each  feedroller is individually driven by means of stepmotor resulting in better feed control thereby getting a good quality yarn ,eliminating problem of thick & thin places.
  • Less power consumption : On this machine the cost of production is low compared to other makes
  • Mixing Flexiblity for spg yarn : On BD 448 machine the yarn can be spun from  mixings varying from virgin 100 % cotton mixings to mixings having a proportion of waste as flat strips, comber noil etc. without affecting the quality due to the versatile design of Spin Box.
  • Precise Piecing : On this machine we have got a Burmaster System for precise piecing which ensures good peicing.

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