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Brazzoli Aquarius


Brazzoli is the technology leader worldwide for its Soft flow dyeing machines.

BRAZZOLI" THE DYEING MACHINES MANUFACTURER FOR LAST 50 YEARS HAS PUT ANOTHER STEP FORWARD IN THE FUTURE, with its Ecologic plus II model for rope fabric dyeing which offers following salient features:

  1. O.P.S. (Optimized Performance System) Software - This new version controls and automatically operates all the machine parameters (lap time, bath ratio, fabric absorption, pump speed, reel speed) according to the processed fabric.
  2. The transversal movement of the treatment bath (Brazzoli patent) - This innovative flow permits to mix completely the bath every 30”, hence mixing is 4 times as much the bath volume per lap. It helps in uniform mixing and distribution of the dye bath assuring even dyeing and quick process time.
  3. Variable Turbovario nozzle - The jet flow that strikes the fabric to 360°. The variation of the flow pressure in real time allows adapting to the different types of fabric.
  4. Plaiter - The special Brazzoli plaiter, thanks to its movement, fills 100% of the basket and positions the fabric evenly, resulting in optimum utilization of the production capacity and the possibility of working in double ropes, avoiding knot problems
  5. Innowash – Optimization of process time and water consumption - The new position of O.P.S. sensor has given perfect stability at the signal without turbulences or foams and measures the turbidity in continuation.
  6. Twin Technology - To increase productivity, all the range of machinery by Brazzoli can work at “double (multiple) ropes” in the same dyeing chamber with medium, light and very light (such as body-size) fabrics without entanglements, tensions and knots.
  7. Multiflex - A coupling innovative system that allows combining up to 3 machines with a different load capacity (i.e. HT 1 + HT 3 + HT 2). This breakthrough system permits the exponential increase of production.

Brazzoli Product Range

Ecologic Plus II – Soft Flow dyeing machines for Cotton and Synthetic knits, Terry and woven fabrics

Aquarius – Sample Fabric dyeing machines (15Kg to 100Kg)

Ecolab – Lab Dyeing machines (3Kg to 8Kg)

Ecosynthetic – Long Tube Jet Dyeing machines suitable for dyeing of light and heavy fabrics of cotton, synthetic, woven and knitted fabrics