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Packing and Inspection Machine

Packing and Inspection Machine

Automatic packing machines – DYNAPAK Series

  • Complete automated packing with automatic loading of fabric rolls in tubular or open width form. (Fabric width from 500 mm to 3600 mm)
  • Reduction in polyethylene cost up to 50%.
  • Patented system with four different polyethylene width and automatic change of polyethylene width
  • Headstock closing device with two independent modules allows  saving of excess polyethylene before the thermo retraction cycle
  • Lowest energy consumption-up to 40% less
  • Excellent visual appearance of packed products enhance company image and ensures better customer service
  • Only model in the world that does not produce any harmful waste or  pollutant smoke – received Green Level Certificate
  • Modular construction facilitates maximum flexibility.

Inspection machine – ROTRON Series

  • Almost tensionless movement of fabric
  • Precise salvage alignment Fault marker
  • Automatic cutting system.Unique MULTIFLEX Coupling System
  • Suitable for and Knits with minimum Liquior Ratio

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