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Dyes & Chemical Dispensing System

Eliar Elektronic San. A.S.

Eliar Elektronik San A.S. was founded in 1984 in Istanbul.

Eliar’s history reflects its broad capabilities in and focuses on research and development.

Eliar’s industrial automation operations have commenced in 1984

Eliar is in the field of Mechatronics in 1996, and has continued this focus since then. It has produced advanced Dye House Automation Systems:

  • Liquid Chemical Weighing and Dispensing System- RD96/SLD Basic/SLD Capacity
  • Dyes Weighing and Dispensing System – TBT & Paternoster/CDD
  • Powder Chemical Weighing and Dispening System- SLD Mineral/RPD
  • Laboratory Dispesing System- LAB 120

With Eliar Bulk Dye House Automation system, one can achieve:

  • Highest efficiency
  • Fastest production
  • Highest and repeatable quality
  • Reliable and sustainable production

Eliar can now supply fully automatic dyes weighing and dispensing systems (ADW and RDD).

  • New design and working principle to transfer the dyestuff without dissolving tank
  • Specifically invented for bulk dyestuff usage (above 5 kg)
  • Individual silo weighing, individual transfer tank, “0” contamination risk
  • The FASTEST dyestuff weighing and dispensing system ever built - 10 kg per minute
  • 10 gr weighing sensitivity
  • 100% closed machine frame and silos, BLIND DYEING
  • 3 – 5 – 7 – 9 … n number of individual dyestuff silos with individual weighing systems.
  • Up to 300 lt silo volume
  • Live and real time monitoring of the dyestuff amounts in the silos on the computer screen
  • Incredible lifting speed of 25 kg per minute
  • Barcode controller for dyestuff lifting, lot information archive, lot information tracking and reporting
  • Multi lined robotic machine selection distributing system, “0” contamination risk


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