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Yarn Dyeing

Yarn Dyeing

“To achieve the possible, one must attempt the impossible again and again”

Loris Bellini was founded back in 1949 with the main scope of designing, manufacturing and selling very high quality dyeing machines at the service of the yarn dye houses in the world.

Loris Bellini Yarn Dyeing Machines

  • Horizontal and Vertical execution
  • Lowest Liquor, Steam and Power Consumption
  • Loading capacity 5 to 1,500 kgs
  • Helicocentrifugal pump
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Dynamic Hydroextraction device
  • Automatic Coupling system with Liquior level equalisation
  • Pulse Rinsing system
  • Machine Process management

Energy recovery high pressure Dryer

  • No need for centrifugal hydroextraction
  • Closed Air Circuit
  • Rapid Drying Cycles
  • Automatic Control of Residual moisture
  • Most energy efficient – more than 90 % is recovered

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