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MAS Digital

MAS Digital

MAS Company based in Saronno, Italy has experienced technical Team (more than 20 years) and thanks to R&D team knowledge that has been created the story of the digital textile printing machines.

MAS is committed to providing printers with new digital technologies that improve every aspect of the printing process, in order to optimise the entire production cycle.

Please find the brief information and key advantages of MAS Digital Digital Printing machine.

  1. MAS Digital printing machine has 12 Heads per Row whereas other conventional digital printing machine as 8 Heads per row.
  2. Thus having two heads per colour (6 colours per Head followed by 2nd set of 6 colours of head)
  3. MAS machine is having 2 heads of Kyocera for one colour so the speed of the machine is increased drastically.
  4. MAS print head Carrier runs at 2.5 Meters/ Seconds while other machines runs at 1.5 Meters/Second; this will help boost the production speed in MAS digital enormously.
  5. Conventional machine's 2 Pass is equal to MAS 1 pass, due to above technology difference.
  6. MAS philosophy is to have an open ink system for MAS digital machines that means that you can use all the inks available on the market.

MAS has below product range:

  1. MAS Vetical:
    It’s a MAS VERTICAL 16 PH with daily production up to 2500 linear meters on 1.5 Metre width fabric.  Double side printing machine (printing in vertical) for fabric and paper. This technology is perfect for accessories like scarfs but also for fabric for shirts and garments.
  2. MAS Extreme:
    It is for fabrics including the biggest and most productive scanning machine in the world MAS EXTREME - 120 Print Heads, with daily production up to 24000 linear meters on 1.5 metre  width fabric , capacity equal to a rotary machine. It will represent another revolution for the textile market increasing again the conversion from traditional to digital.
  3. MAS Twelve:
    Third Machine MAS TWELVE - 24 PH with daily production up to 8000 linear meters on 1.5 Meter width fabric

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