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Print Paste Dispensing & Print Shop Accessories

Fimat s.r.l.

FIMAT S.r.l. established in 1986 works from almost 30 years in the international market in the field of accessories machine for printing and dyeing houses and is specialised in the sector of colour dosing, mixing and automatic handling of Print Paste.

Our automatic dosing system (Colour kitchen for liquids) for Printing application shows many advantages in terms of: execution speed, weighting precision, receipt repeatability, constructive modularity, logistics flexibility, simplicity of use (Windows software), easy maintenance.


  • Automatic Colour Kitchen (Printing)
  • Automatic Thickener Preparing Unit
  • Semi- Automatic Colour Kitchen (Printing)
  • Rotary Screen Recovery System
  • Screen Washing Machine
  • Engraving Equipment

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