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Dry Finishing Machines

Dry Finishing Machines

Dry Finishing Machines from Mario Crosta, Italy

Brush – Seuding machine – LISA

Raising Machine

  1. Suitable for processing all types of fabrics made from natural or synthetic fibre.
  2. Available as single drum machine with 28/30/36 raising rollers or emerizing rollers ranging from 1800 to 3400 mm
  3. The special double drum configuration with 20/24 raising rollers ranging from 1800 to 2800 mm allows the raising of the right side and back side. The machine can be configured in raising/fleecing or raising/raising.
  4. Equipped with automatic zero point setting device.
  5. Higher raising capability.
  6. Less maintenance and less energy consumption.
  7. PATENTED Seam saving device

Shearing Machine

  1. Regular and precise cutting
  2. Lubricating felt on the blades.
  3. Shearing quality is much cleaner and more precise.
  4. Bigger steaming device
  5. Very compact structure for easy cleaning and maintenance of the machine
  6. Exclusive aerodynamic design of suction hood.
  7. Strong and stable to vibrations.
  8. Available in working width upto 3600 mm.

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