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Tumbler Dryers

Pentek Textile Machinery SRL


ENAIRGY: the new benchmark in continuous tumbling technology

EnAirgy range of continuous tumblers, manufactured by the Italian company Pentek Textile Machinery, redefines the concept of fabric drying and softening.

  • state of the art fabric airflow transportation
  • exclusive patented system of applying more (or less) air compression to the fabric
  • provides an unlimited range of softening effects on natural, artificial or synthetic fibers
  • highest level of productivity, thanks to the perfect balance between airflow volume and pressure
  • “Relax & Crush” patented system allows fine tuning of mechanical impacts

DesAir: tensionless tumbling technology for knitted fabrics

Following the success of EnAirgy continuous tumblers, Pentek Textile Machinery has introduced DesAir, a specific tumbling technology dedicated to knitted fabrics manufacturers.

  • superior hand feel and bulkiness on knits, without generating vertical tensions during the drying and softening process
  • specially designed multiple nozzles allow fabric transportation in a total control of speed and pressure distribution
  • “Multi Strand” patented system

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